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PROVA DE NIVELL STANDARD per a majors de 8 anys, fes la prova fins que ja no sàpigues més de 10 preguntes seguides IMPORTANT: no t'ajudis d'internet o de cap llibre si no la prova no serà válida i no et podrem posar al grup adequat per a tu.

1) He ___ a doctor


2) Is ___ Spanish?


3) ___ play tennis? Yes, I can

 Can you
 Does you
 Have you
 Are you

4) She ___ in a small house

 does live
 do lives

5) He ___ like chocolate.

 do not

6) Where are you from?

 I'm in England
 I'm from England
 I'm England
 I'm from in England

7) Tom ___ one brother.

 has got
 have got

8) ______? It's a red bag.

 What are these
 What is these
 What is
 What's this

9) What are they doing? ___ tennis.

 They are playing
 They plays
 They do play
 They are play

10) What's the time? ___

 Six past half
 It's half past six
 It half six
 Six half past